So this past Saturday, the gang and I (David, S, Domini, Lucas) went on the hunt for Kogi ( which is this amazing taco truck that Mexican/Korean food mix. The best thing about finding Kogi that night was that we did three things on my summer bucket list. Parking in Chinatown was really difficult, but when we finally found parking on the street we were able to park for free. 

photo 1

Turns out that there’s kind of like a food truck festival/ street fair/ night club/ outdoor dj event called Chinatown Summer Nights.

 photo 2

So we finally got our Kogi. Between the five of us, we got pretty much everything on the menu. 

I got a Kimchi Quesadilla with like a pound of Sriracha, yum!photo 4

There were so many things to eat and try. photo 5

We walked around and talked to people for hours. It was pretty great. Everyone should go check it out! 

photo 11

photo 21

photo 31

photo 41


The best part was that everything was super safe and fun, though towards the later part of the night it started getting extremely crowded. 

Off the list: Chinatown, Kogi, Food Truck Festival. YAY!



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