Knott’s Berry Farm

Waiting in line for Silver Bullet

Waiting in line for Silver Bullet

On May 24 I went to Knott’s Berry Farm with my friends (& boyfriend), Ulises (an old family friend), Lucas & David (the bf). We arrived at the park at a decent time, I think about 10:30-11 pm. Parking was easy, we found two spots right away, but the price for parking was about $15; that’s pretty normal for an amusement park, but man, $15 is a lot of money! We went and got out tickets, we were able to get a discount because we brought a coupon found online. We paid $37 each to get in. Prices change depending on the season.  First thing we went on was Silver Bullet, which is a 2 minute roller coaster with multiple twists and turns. I think this is my favorite ride of all time. I was pretty bummed that the lines were taking so long; we waited about 45 minutes for each ride.

My stamp to get back in the park

My stamp to get back in the park

We went to get food after that ride, because it was lunch time. We went to Pink’s Hot Dogs, right outside the park. This is one of those places that everyone wants to eat at when they come to LA. I didn’t know that there was one in Buena Park though.


Yum! (my food)

Yum! (my food)

Ulises had a Mushroom Swiss Dog, Lucas (who was trying to be healthy that week) had a turkey burger and about half of my sweet potato fries, both David and I had a Millennium Dog, everything was soooo good, and pretty decently priced.

Can't decide how good his is...

Can’t decide how good his is…

Here’s the complete menu.

photo 4

We went back into the park and rode The Pony Express, which was the shortest ride of my life, although it was pretty fun.

photo 5

Our last ride of the day (since we all had plans for later that day/night, we left early) was Xceleterator, which was the most nerve wrecking coaster ever!!! After we got off the coaster we all wanted to get on it again, but we didn’t have time to be in the huge line again.

All in all, Knott’s was pretty fun. We didn’t ride much but it was cheap, easy to get to, easy to park though expensive, food was very accessible. I disliked how long the lines were to get through, and the disorganization that the employees expressed while trying to get everyone onto each ride in an orderly fashion.


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