LACMA: Urban Light

photo 1 (5)

Candid shot of me by Nadia

LACMA, the Los Angeles DSC_0136County Museum of Art is AMAZING! I’ve been there several times now. There are so many different things to see there, but they change seasonally so check out the calendar & buy tickets. Once, David took me to see a whole exhibition on Frida Kahlo (FAVORITE!!!), it was awesome. There’s parking for a fee, but this last time I went on June 24 with Nadia, Maddy and David, we parked on the street across from the museum. DSC_0131

There’s plenty to do, exhibitions, restaurants, gift shops, but my favorite is walking through and taking photos of “Urban Light” by Chris Burden. You know what I’m talking about, its a featured sculpture in every movie set in LA. 


N & M

Here are some photos, because a picture is worth a million words. 

D & E shot by Nadia

D & E shot by Nadia

Ps. this is also on my Summer 2014 Bucket List !!!


Candid shot by David

Candid shot by David


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