The Perch

My friend Jess graduated from CSULA!!! To celebrate, we went to Downtown LA to go bar hopping (I was driving, so I just went for the fun). I parked in a parking structure because I was afraid something would happen to my car, just precaution. Parking was $6 for the day, which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen in DTLA.

The first place we stopped at was The Falls. We had reserved a booth, but I think due to the fact that it was a Sunday, the place was pretty dead. My friends enjoyed the happy hour ($5 for a shot and a beer) and the food! We decided to leave and walk to the Library Bar.

At a booth at the Falls Lounge

At a booth at the Falls Lounge with Jess and Leanna

I’ve been to the Library Bar before. You walk in and you feel like you entered a library, with a bar and a lot of people talking and relaxing. This time, we were in for a surprise. We walked in and the whole place was dead quiet. You could drop a pin and hear it. Wanna know why? Everyone was there to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode!!!

Scene from GoT

Scene from GoT

I haven’t started the show but I hear great things about it. We left, in part because it was super packed and quiet and in part, because David and Leanna could NOT watch any part of the episode in fear of it getting ruined for when they had a chance to catch up.

We walked to the Perch, which is probably my favorite bar in DTLA. I honestly would go just for the view alone. The first time I went I was in awe of everything I saw. You reach the entrance to the building, you get carded (of course), then lead into an elevator. You take this elevator to the 13th floor (favorite number!), and then take a second elevator up to the actual restaurant/bar.

Birdie <3

Birdie ❤

Once you walk in, you walk through the restaurant that has a bar. Here’s the menu. Then you walk outside where there are couches and firepits (in case you get cold). There’s a second story to the bar, which is where my friends and I sat. The bar is pretty normal, though they have the coolest names for some signature drinks.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

We sat down, chatted and before leaving took a photo in front of the LA skyline. I’m posting photos from both visits, just to give you an idea of how awesome this place is.

Jess' friends (:

Jess’ friends (:

Technically, this is also on my Summer 2014 Bucket Listbut I’m sure I’ll come again soon.

Congrats Jess on graduating ❤

Jess and I

Jess and I


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