Make-up !!!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten really into make up. My collection started off slowly, mostly buying drug store products. As I became older, and my budget became larger, I started buying more from specialty retailers, department stores and company owned stores.

My daily makeup bag

My daily makeup bag

I recently acquired a bright pink make-up box to put most of my stuff in, though I carry a smaller bag for day-to-day make up. Although I do not wear make up every single day, I do love to experiment sometimes.

My Big Pink Box

My Big Pink Box







Other than buying my makeup from drug stores, I love Sephora and Ulta! I’ve also bought some products here and there from Mac, but my new obsession are my monthly make-up box (& bag) subscription to Birchbox and Ipsy!





I will post my daily make up products used in a different post (:

If you’re barely starting your collection, you should keep in mind that stores like Sephora are expensive, but most of their products are worth it. On the other hand, Birchbox and Ipsy supply me with small samples (sometimes they send me full size, yay!) and then, when I decide i really like the product, I buy the full size version of it. This way, you don’t spend $25-$40 on something you will eventually not end up using.

Sephora, Ulta, Birchbox & Ipsy all use reward points that you can redeem for other products; they change monthly.

What I do most of the time: find a product I really like, use it, if another comes up try it but don’t buy it until the first runs out.

How did you build your collection?


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