Mission Tiki Drive In Movie Theater

Saturday night Lucas, David and I went to a drive in movie theater in Montclair. It’s not the same one as on my bucket list, but we figured we would try it out. Mission Tiki was amazing!



So when we first got near the place there was a lot of traffic, we thought that maybe there was an accident but the traffic was ALL for the movie theater!


So many cars!

So many cars!

We sat in traffic for a little bit, trying not to have people cut us in line, but after we got in everything went smoothly. 

Basically what you do is go through the line of cars. When you get to the ticket booth, which is like when you go into a parking lot; they as you what movie you want and you say “Transformers and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” then you pay ( $9) per person. They tell you to follow the number (3) and you follow the signs towards your theater. 

Movies Showing

Movies Showing

The box office opens at 7:30 pm, so you can get a good spot; the first movie starts at 8:30 pm.

So, you find your own spot, and watch the movie!

They have a concession stand and a bathroom with about 10 stalls in it. You can bring your own food. Everything should be fine as long as you’re respectful. Just make sure that you don’t use your headlights when the movie has already started (use your parking lights). 

Scene from the movie, from where I was sitting

Scene from the movie, from where I was sitting

Our movies started at 8:30 pm and finished around 1:30 am. It was so much fun; great place to go on a date. I’m definitely coming again!!! 

PS. this is on my Summer 2014 Bucket List (: 


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