LA Abandoned Zoo

David, Lucas and I went on a little adventure to the L. A. Abandoned Zoo.


The original Los Angeles Zoo was founded in 1912., and only housed about fifteen animals at the time. Being deemed that the zoo was too ugly and inadequate, it was closed in 1966; the animals were moved 2 miles away to where we now know as the Los Angeles Zoo.


David and I had been there before but Lucas had never been. Going at night is much scarier than going in the daytime. We hiked up a little and went behind the cages until we pretty much hit a dead end then walked back. We found a couple of cages that we could go inside; we took a lot of photos. Graffiti was everywhere. It was amazing to see all the art. There was one part of the cages that seemed completely blocked off, though a couple years back we could go inside of it. I would recommend bringing flashlights, because using the flashlights on our phones drained out battery quickly.


If you’re already at the L.A. Abandoned Zoo (in the day time) there are plenty of places to hike up and see a great  view!



I would recommend this to anyone who loves going on an adventure!!!



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