TV Shows

Ok, so this summer, I made it my goal to catch up on all the shows I haven’t been able to watch during the school year. I just realized how many shows I’ve watched. Also, I started a couple new ones; I’m thinking of starting some more…


So I finished watching Drop Dead Diva, it was only until I had finished watching the last episode available that I realized it was the Series Finale. THAT’S how terrible it was. I felt robbed of all the years I diligently watched with my mom.

I caught up on Devious Maids, it’s really getting good; will there always be a murder needing to be solved though?

Pretty Little Liars… I’m really confused. It’s getting way too intense. Caleb leaves, then comes back, then Hanna acting drunk all the time. Ali with all the lies and stuff. Ezra & Aria… no comment. I don’t even get what’s going on with Em. It’s just like WHY?! WHAT’S GOING ON WITH LIFE?!? AHH!!!

Vampire Diaries. I just can’t. Like no. Ah. Damon. Ah. !!! I just can’t talk about it.

The Originals. I’ve loved this first season. For being a spin off show, it’s really awesome. It’s so much more dramatic than Vampire Diaries & a lot more gory. It is kind of confusing with all the witches and coming and going. The season finale made me cry a little.

Glee. I’ve been watching this show since the very beginning. Honestly, ever since Cory died (RIP), the show hasn’t been the same. It just needs to end. I hate most of the new glee kids. I love the old cast. I’m kind of just over it.

Modern Family. I started this show last week and went through all 5 seasons. I love this show its so awesome and funny. I love the whole concept of the show. The different types of families that make up one big family. I love it. I’m excited for more.

Gilmore Girls. I’ve seen so many actors already. Jamie Lynch. Chad Michael Murray. and I’m barely re-watching the first season. I’m really excited to re-watch this. This is probably my favorite show of all times. Seriously. Like tied with Greek. I LOVE IT.

Big Bang Theory. I’ve seen most of the episodes from this show. It’s so funny. I love it. I’m planning on starting from the very beginning and watching the WHOLE thing. I’m excited.

Dr. Who. I TRIED to start this, but the season I started with (the ninth doctor) Christopher Eccleston, really sucked. I might try with the next doctor. Keep you posted.

Game of Thrones. I’ve been trying to avoid watching this. There’s a lot of hype about it and I don’t know if I should. Also, tried watching the first episode and it was really awkward to watch with someone else in the room. Opinions? To watch or not to watch?

I still have to catch up on Switched at Birth, but I don’t know if I’m all in to it anymore. Has it gotten better? Or no?

Also, Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t even remember what happened. I don’t know what I ended on.

Once Upon A Time. I just need to catch up because I know that Elsa from Frozen is supposed to come on soon or is already on. I just really need to catch up lol.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Is this even good? I wanna see how good it is. I just wonder. Get it? Cuz Wonderland? hahaha. Sorry.

Selfie. I just wanna know if it’s gonna be good or not.

Arrow. IS THIS A GOOD SHOW OR NOT?! I need to know what this is about.

The Carrie Diaries. I don’t know if I wanna keep watching this or not… It’s not as fun as Sex & The City.

Gotham. Benjamin McKenzie. Batman’s City. What more can we want? I’m excited to see this.

I can’t remember if I ever caught up on Desperate Housewives or not.

Reign.THE ONLY SHOW I CAN’T NOT WATCH. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. I don’t know what it is about it. The guys? OMG. The girls? WOW. The accents? YES. The story line ( I know it’s not historically accurate but still, for a girl who read all the Royal Diaries, this is a dream come true.) Honestly, this is my favorite show since I watched Greek. I can’t wait. Like every week I cannot sit still and wait for it to come out. COME BACK TO ME! I NEED YOU!!!

I think that’s all… How did I even find time to do all this?


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