Faith in Humanity Restored

Just quickly wanted to tell you guys about what just happened to me. I went to my local mall with the boyfriend; parked the car, locked the car and then realized I had a gift card in my wallet, so went back for my wallet. So I’m walking through Forever 21, which is my favorite store and of course I stop to see these cute shorts. I was on a mission to not spend over 30 minutes in the mall, so I ended up thinking “oh I don’t need these, keep walking.” So I’m heading to Bath & Body Works, I try on one lotion because, as I said before, I was on a mission to be in and out ASAP. I get to the register and I realize that I don’t have my wallet. I go into panic mode. I asked the bf if he has it. He says no. I’m like OMG, omg, OMGGGGGGG. All I can think is that I have a credit card in it, all my school IDs, and my Starbucks Gold Card (which turns out you can’t have replaced). I start freaking out, everyone that was working the floor starts looking for my wallet. The boyfriend runs to Forever and calls me “they have your wallet, but they won’t give it to me. You have to come get it.” So … I ended up running back, thankfully, my iPhone case has a wallet pocket where I keep my drivers license. Panicked I ask one of the cashiers for my wallet, who tells the manager. The manager asks me to describe the wallet and asks if I have an ID to prove its mine. I pull out my ID from my phone and then my university ID from the wallet. She checks them and says “ok here you go.” Of course I start saying thank you about a million times. I check inside the wallet, all my cards are there. All my cash is there. I asked the manager who turned it in, she says it was a customer. I literally teared up.
I’m so happy people like this still exist. I mean, in the course of the last year, I’ve turned in two cell phones, a wallet, some keys and asked countless people if they dropped their $. Those were the longest 10 minutes of my life, and I’m so glad that people who are nice, and not to mention, honest still exist.


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