School started…

Ok, so I finally started school last Thursday. Yes, Thursday. There is a reason for this apparently. It’s because we are missing a Thursday class for Thanksgiving.

Anywho… So school is pretty great. I love being a Senior. I know so many people on campus now. I’m thinking of joining a Society for Communication majors. Sooo excited. I love taking classes in my major. I’m done with all the stupid classes {they call them General Education} haha.

All my classes seem to be pretty interesting. Unfortunately I’m taking a freshman class that wasn’t offered at my Community College before I transferred here. The rest of my classes are (1) 300 classes {upper division, junior level} and (2) 400 classes {senior level}. My professors are really interesting. That’s the thing about taking classes in your own major. Your professors are super into the subject. They love talking about their subjects. They KNOW their subjects. It’s so great!

I’ve been going crazy though. I’ve been at school an average of 10 hours a day. Between work, classes, going to the gym and studying. OH YEAH. I started going to the gym! I’m already dying from being so sore.

Honestly, I know that I have a lot on my plate between reading 30+ pages a day for each class, plus studying, going to class, going to work and TRYING to have a social life and a family life.

I’ve honestly not seen my family at all. The friends that I HAVE seen are the ones I’ve seen in between running from class to work or vice-versa. So, sorry if I haven’t seen you yet. I’m sorry. Text. Call. Snap. etc (:

All in all, I’m happy. I’m really happy. I love having my whole day planned. I’m excited for this quarter.

That’s my recap for this week, even though it’s only Wednesday. xoxo ❤



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