School Friends

Today I realized why I love going to school so much.

It’s been a tough week with going back to school and work, getting back into the flow of life, among other things. I realized that my first week of school was amazing. It feel really great to go to class and the first thing you see are people smiling at you and saying hi. People who you haven’t known for too long but you want to see where it will go.

For a long time, I tried not letting new people into my life. I tried not hanging out with new people but this week I realized that I love my school friends. I love seeing them everyday. It’s so nice for someone to come up to you and say “hey Elia, I missed you, how was your break? Let’s hangout outside of school, soon?” Or just in general ask how your day has been, follow up on that certain thing we were talking about before. I love that my school friends don’t know details about what I’m talking about but are still supportive. I love that they don’t pry but are attentive.  I love being at school. It’s a really great feeling being able to run around from place to place, from work to class, from meeting to the gym. I love the hustle and bustle of everything surrounding school. Yes, it’s exhausting, but mostly, it’s exhilarating!

Honestly, I hate being home. Why? Because it’s so plain. I love running around from place to place all the time. I love being surrounded by people. I hate being alone. It’s time to make these friends into lifelong friends. I know graduation is coming up soon, and I have to figure out something to do during my year in between my BA and my masters, but I will. So I don’t go crazy.


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