Capstone: Blogging Gratification Part One by Elia Pacheco

New Blog Post on my Capstone Class’ Blog!


Our Capstone Blog Our Capstone Blog

My name is Elia Pacheco and I am currently taking COMM 498 which is our Capstone class for Communication Studies majors here at Cal State LA. Basically, Capstone is what other people may think of as a Senior Thesis class. This means that we use all of the theories, methods and knowledge that we have gained from being in college, more specifically, in our major to research and analyze a topic which interests us. Each Capstone class has a different theme, and ours is Mass Communication.

My specific Capstone research paper will be specifically on blogs! The reason I chose this topic is because I have a big interest for blogs. I manage two different ones. One of them is my own personal blog, where I vent about things going on in my life, review certain products and give advice on places to visit…

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