Capstone: Blogging Gratification Part Two by Elia Pacheco



Hello again!

My name is Elia Pacheco and my specific Capstone research paper is specifically on blogs, it’s called: BLOGGING GRATIFICATION: UNDERSTANDING HOW READERS AND BLOGGERS PERCEIVE BLOGS.

It has been quite difficult to find information on blogging, which, in one part, is a good thing because this means that my Capstone paper will actually be relevant in the real world. On the other hand, it makes my topic that much more difficult. I have recently finished my methodology section, in which I have decided to use a survey in order to answer my research question and my five follow up hypothesis. These are:
Research Question: Do people get gratification from reading other people’s blogs?

  • Hypothesis 1a: People read blogs for entertainment. [pastime]
  • Hypothesis 1b: People read blogs for escapism.
  • Hypothesis 1c: People read blogs so they do not feel alone anymore [affection]
  • Hypothesis 1d: People read blogs for their…

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