Capstone: Blogging Gratification Part Three by Elia Pacheco



Hello again!

My name is Elia Pacheco and my specific Capstone research paper is specifically on blogs, it’s called: BLOGGING GRATIFICATION: UNDERSTANDING HOW READERS AND BLOGGERS PERCEIVE BLOGS.

On my second blog post I talked about my literature review, and how I would use the Uses and Gratification Theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory in order to facilitate my research questions and find out what I needed in order to prove that people do get gratification from reading blogs. Well, I DID IT!!! But, before I go into that, I will explain the way I was able to prove my research question and hypotheses.



I was able to recruit a total of 201 participants for my study. I was able to recruit my participants via the internet. Participants answered a thirteen question survey, which not only analyzed their demographics (Sex, Age, Country of residence, etc.), but answered…

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