One month left

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


OMG, so my summer break is almost over. I’ve been working on completing my Summer Bucket List. I have one month left of summer break, since I’ve been super busy I haven’t been able to get through getting all of my photos off my camera & my phone. THAT means, I haven’t been able to post on my blog because, what’s a post with out photos!?

Anywho, I have exactly 23 days until I start school. I’ve done so many things on my list and added a whole bunch of things that weren’t! I’m really happy with this summer, although I wish I could have slept in a couple more days.

I’m about to start my senior year of college. I’m super scared about the future. I really need these 23 days to be awesome. Wish me luck!


LA Abandoned Zoo

David, Lucas and I went on a little adventure to the L. A. Abandoned Zoo.


The original Los Angeles Zoo was founded in 1912., and only housed about fifteen animals at the time. Being deemed that the zoo was too ugly and inadequate, it was closed in 1966; the animals were moved 2 miles away to where we now know as the Los Angeles Zoo.


David and I had been there before but Lucas had never been. Going at night is much scarier than going in the daytime. We hiked up a little and went behind the cages until we pretty much hit a dead end then walked back. We found a couple of cages that we could go inside; we took a lot of photos. Graffiti was everywhere. It was amazing to see all the art. There was one part of the cages that seemed completely blocked off, though a couple years back we could go inside of it. I would recommend bringing flashlights, because using the flashlights on our phones drained out battery quickly.


If you’re already at the L.A. Abandoned Zoo (in the day time) there are plenty of places to hike up and see a great  view!



I would recommend this to anyone who loves going on an adventure!!!


Grand Central Market and Olvera Street

On August 9, Andi and I went on an LA adventure. We covered the Grand Central Market, saw the Angel’s Flight, looked at the view from the Perch and walked all of Placita Olvera.


We bought a day pass to use the metro, & since we had a TAP card already, it cost us only $5; without a TAP card it’s $6.


We took the Gold Line from Andi’s house to Union Station; from there we took the Red Line to Pershing Square, where we walked to Grand Central Market. When we got there I realized that I had been there before. It used to look like a Mercado you saw in Mexico, but now it has a more modern flair to it.

DSC_0273 DSC_0269 DSC_0275 DSC_0268 DSC_0272

There was plenty to eat, but I decided to have a shrimp cocktail, Mexican style. Other things to eat that I saw. They also sell alcohol, which can be consumed at the establishment. There are plenty of vendors, and I will definitely be coming back.


We saw the Angels Flight which is the shortest funicular in the world. It’s supposed to be open every day of the year, but it was closed for refurbishment when we went.


Next, we went to the Perch, even though I had just recently been there the night before. It was so beautiful to see everything in the day time. We sat down and relaxed while a drank a sangria and she had a hipster beer.

DSC_1021 DSC_0971


We walked back to the station and got back to Union Station;

DSC_0018 - Copy DSC_0350 DSC_0345 DSC_0031 - Copy

from there we walked to Olvera street and enjoyed a walk through the Little Mexico of Los Angeles. It was really awesome. I had Papas preparadas and a Churro filled with La Lechera.

DSC_0363 DSC_0364 DSC_0360 DSC_0357 DSC_0358 DSC_0356

It was a lovely and relaxing day. I would recommend both of these to everybody!


Mission Tiki Drive In Movie Theater

Saturday night Lucas, David and I went to a drive in movie theater in Montclair. It’s not the same one as on my bucket list, but we figured we would try it out. Mission Tiki was amazing!



So when we first got near the place there was a lot of traffic, we thought that maybe there was an accident but the traffic was ALL for the movie theater!


So many cars!

So many cars!

We sat in traffic for a little bit, trying not to have people cut us in line, but after we got in everything went smoothly. 

Basically what you do is go through the line of cars. When you get to the ticket booth, which is like when you go into a parking lot; they as you what movie you want and you say “Transformers and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” then you pay ( $9) per person. They tell you to follow the number (3) and you follow the signs towards your theater. 

Movies Showing

Movies Showing

The box office opens at 7:30 pm, so you can get a good spot; the first movie starts at 8:30 pm.

So, you find your own spot, and watch the movie!

They have a concession stand and a bathroom with about 10 stalls in it. You can bring your own food. Everything should be fine as long as you’re respectful. Just make sure that you don’t use your headlights when the movie has already started (use your parking lights). 

Scene from the movie, from where I was sitting

Scene from the movie, from where I was sitting

Our movies started at 8:30 pm and finished around 1:30 am. It was so much fun; great place to go on a date. I’m definitely coming again!!! 

PS. this is on my Summer 2014 Bucket List (: 

LACMA: Urban Light

photo 1 (5)

Candid shot of me by Nadia

LACMA, the Los Angeles DSC_0136County Museum of Art is AMAZING! I’ve been there several times now. There are so many different things to see there, but they change seasonally so check out the calendar & buy tickets. Once, David took me to see a whole exhibition on Frida Kahlo (FAVORITE!!!), it was awesome. There’s parking for a fee, but this last time I went on June 24 with Nadia, Maddy and David, we parked on the street across from the museum. DSC_0131

There’s plenty to do, exhibitions, restaurants, gift shops, but my favorite is walking through and taking photos of “Urban Light” by Chris Burden. You know what I’m talking about, its a featured sculpture in every movie set in LA. 


N & M

Here are some photos, because a picture is worth a million words. 

D & E shot by Nadia

D & E shot by Nadia

Ps. this is also on my Summer 2014 Bucket List !!!


Candid shot by David

Candid shot by David

The Perch

My friend Jess graduated from CSULA!!! To celebrate, we went to Downtown LA to go bar hopping (I was driving, so I just went for the fun). I parked in a parking structure because I was afraid something would happen to my car, just precaution. Parking was $6 for the day, which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen in DTLA.

The first place we stopped at was The Falls. We had reserved a booth, but I think due to the fact that it was a Sunday, the place was pretty dead. My friends enjoyed the happy hour ($5 for a shot and a beer) and the food! We decided to leave and walk to the Library Bar.

At a booth at the Falls Lounge

At a booth at the Falls Lounge with Jess and Leanna

I’ve been to the Library Bar before. You walk in and you feel like you entered a library, with a bar and a lot of people talking and relaxing. This time, we were in for a surprise. We walked in and the whole place was dead quiet. You could drop a pin and hear it. Wanna know why? Everyone was there to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode!!!

Scene from GoT

Scene from GoT

I haven’t started the show but I hear great things about it. We left, in part because it was super packed and quiet and in part, because David and Leanna could NOT watch any part of the episode in fear of it getting ruined for when they had a chance to catch up.

We walked to the Perch, which is probably my favorite bar in DTLA. I honestly would go just for the view alone. The first time I went I was in awe of everything I saw. You reach the entrance to the building, you get carded (of course), then lead into an elevator. You take this elevator to the 13th floor (favorite number!), and then take a second elevator up to the actual restaurant/bar.

Birdie <3

Birdie ❤

Once you walk in, you walk through the restaurant that has a bar. Here’s the menu. Then you walk outside where there are couches and firepits (in case you get cold). There’s a second story to the bar, which is where my friends and I sat. The bar is pretty normal, though they have the coolest names for some signature drinks.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

We sat down, chatted and before leaving took a photo in front of the LA skyline. I’m posting photos from both visits, just to give you an idea of how awesome this place is.

Jess' friends (:

Jess’ friends (:

Technically, this is also on my Summer 2014 Bucket Listbut I’m sure I’ll come again soon.

Congrats Jess on graduating ❤

Jess and I

Jess and I