My Wellness Journal 

Hey y’all!!! It’s been a while… So, a little back story to this blog post:
I love love love stationary, office supplies, stickers, planners and lately, journals. I’ve never been one of those girls who has a diary, I mean yes, I’ve had diaries that I would start and two days later abandon because like, who even has time to write when you have friends you can talk to? Well, as you may know, I have been battling depression and anxiety for a long long looooong time now as well as some other stuff. Ever since I finished college it has kind of gotten worse, then it got better; journaling was a big part of the getting better process. I’ve been journaling for about five months now and I wanted to share what has worked for me.

First, let me start with my planner. I use it just like you would use your cellphone calendar but I get to decorate it and make it look super pretty every month. My journal, on the other hand, is something I get to play around with every day. It is not perfect, and I try to write in it every single day.  I am starting my new journal for September through December 2016, and I thought it would be a good idea to share my technique. Rule number one: it is YOURS and yours only. NO ONE has to see it or read it or anything. Be straight forward. Be honest with yourself. No one gets to judge you but you.

The most fundamental thing is to get a journal. Any will do, it depends on what you like. I picked this one because the quote makes me laugh and it’s like, low key, totally me. Haha.

Disclaimer** Most of these ideas I got from reading things on the Internet and making them my own. [thank you buzzfeed, lol]

Next, I leave a blank page and write that it’s my journal… Which can be seen in the featured image of this blog post. Not necessary, but I like to do it.

I then leave a page for the index, so I know where everything is located.

I write in my key for my logs.

I write in my overview for the next quarter of the year. This can include goals, birthdays, special events that are coming up, tasks, anything that you may want to see at a glance.

Then is my goal setting guidelines. I got this off a website a really long time ago, when I was searching for how to set goals in my life. I try to answer these three questions every time I set a goal.

Then, it is my monthly habits. I usually have a routine going, so I like to keep track of how many times in the month I do certain things. You can write down whatever you want on this page. 

I set different goals each month, in order to keep myself in check. I strive to finish each of these goals sets. The six categories I use are:
– Personal Goals: how I want to better myself this month.
– Relational Goals: these have to do with my relationships, including but not limited to friends, boyfriend, sisters, parents, etc.
– Professional Goals: how I want to better myself in my career this month.
– Health Goals: what I will do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for example, weight loss, healthy eating, exercise…
– Blog Goals: what I want to do about this blog. Prompts I may want to write about during the month.
– Extra Goals: those that do not fit into the first five categories. 

I have a thing about quotes, I love them. If you check out my Instagram, almost every photo caption is a quote or a song lyric, which is technically a quote. I like having them down in one place so I can remember what I happened to like that month. 

I have an obsession with all things Disney. Disneyland, Disney movies, everything. I like to log what I loved about Disney during that month.

I keep a page so I can jot down what I have been grateful for that month, because reflecting on one’s good fortune makes you realize how good you have it. I also like to write down my “planning routine” which is basically how I keep myself organized daily and weekly. This works for me because then I don’t forget what I have to write down at the end of the day. 

Then, comes the daily log. I like to write down what I at that day, my daily fitness, my to do list, any news that may have popped up during the day and of course my venting of the day. 

I usually have a couple of pages about my therapy sessions: what I liked, didn’t like, hurt to hear, need to change, etc., but since I haven’t gone to a therapy session yet this month I will not be writing about that until the near future.

I hope you guys liked this post. I hope that maybe this will help some of you, maybe in organizing yourself or maybe in bettering your life.

xoxo, elia.


“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”
– Robert Urich



So, as you guys may or may not know, I’m part of a couple different organizations here at Cal State LA. One of them is Cinematic Visions. We are Cal State LA’s film club, and we are super excited because we have a huge event coming up! If you are a Cal State LA student and would like to join, please contact one of the Board Members, via Facebook! Click the link above!!!

I had a one on one quick little interview with the Cinematic Visions President: Cruz Castillo and this is what he had to say:

E: “What is Cinematic Visions?”
C: “CV is Cal State LA’s official film club and it’s been around for over 10 years; we work in tangent with the Golden Eagle Film Festival. It’s a place for students [of any major] who are interested in the Entertainment Industry to come together and work on projects, make films, produce products, network and teach each other new things.”


The Golden Eagle Film Festival is Cal State LA’s annual film festival, and we [Cinematic Visions] are super ecstatic to run it!unnamed

E: “What are you doing for the Golden Eagle Film Festival?”
C: “The club has been in charge of gearing all of the paper work up for the event since the beginning of the year, [the club] has been in charge of keeping up with all of the social media relating the festival, [the club has] been in charge of setting up local bands and other school groups like Golden Eagle Radio and Golden Eagle TV, so they can work in tangent with us [Cinematic Visions]. We are going to have Cal State LA organizations like the Animation Club, HerCampus, Golden Eagle Radio, among others, have their own local booths at the festival, because the purpose of this festival is to network and advertise.”

E: “What are you personally doing for the festival?”
C: “I am the director of the film festival, I deal with the budget, the paperwork and all of the people involved.”


E: What are you hoping to get from the Film Festival?
C: “I am hoping that this will be an opportunity for students to showcase their work. Since Cal State LA is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States, and Los Angeles is the heart of the Entertainment Industry, it would be a great chance for all students to come together and let Los Angeles know what they’re all about.”

GEFF action shot

E: How are you funding the Golden Eagle Film Festival?
C: “We are getting money from a lot of different venues. ASI [Associated Students Inc.] is helping us a lot. Also, Dr. John Ramirez, the head Chair of the Television, Film and Media Studies Department here at Cal State LA, is helping us get money through the TVF 454: Special Topics in BCST class. Cinematic Visions has also been fundraising all year long to raise money for the festival. We have an IndieGoGo page.”

GEFF Submissions

E: Can you explain what IndieGoGo is?
C: “IndieGoGo is a way to campaign to raise money for independent projects, so please help us out and donate!”

If you are interested in donating to our wonderful cause, please watch this INDIEGOGO Video, and hopefully you will be convinced to help us out!

The GOLDEN EAGLE FILM FESTIVAL WILL BE HELD ON: May 29th 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. and May 30th 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. At Cal State LA. Free of charge.

This is one of the many amazing organizations that I am part of here at Cal State LA, and if you are interested in joining, please be sure to contact us!

Comm Majors

1  11156360_10155382789315198_7107629630900892606_n

Okay, so all of you who read my blog consistently know that I’m a Communication Studies Major, more specifically Public Relations emphasis. Well, if you’ve ever interacted with us Cal State LA majors and you’re from a different major you know we mean business. Let me explain this a little bit…

10917847_10155035302865198_2342144573986547156_n 11021167_10155211627880198_8484320423437762166_n 11182122_10155400068265198_6147017657402956127_n

There are three main emphases here at Cal State LA: Public Relational and Organizational Communication, Social Change and Rhetoric and Interpersonal Communication Language/ Social Interaction. There was one more emphasis but it isn’t offered anymore. Now, if you interact with us on a regular, you know that [from my experience] PRs are insane. They are outgoing and fun, they talk wayyyy too much, they can keep up with several conversations at once and we are the biggest emphasis. The Rhetoricals are crazy smart, they will literally analyze the crap out of whatever you’re saying and throw it back in your face. I’m kind of jealous. The Interpersonals are the sweetest. They truly care about you at all times, how you’re feeling, how you’re doing, they’re like the best friends to have.

10615387_10155240479215198_5901380259984203269_n 10347161_10155354690910198_3542072641818268911_n

I’ve heard people say, “how can you keep up with so many conversations? How do you guys even pay attention to each other if you’re all talking over each other?” Well, it’s a gift. Duh. Seriously. Unless you’re one of us you have no idea how awesome we are. We are intimidating to the outsider, but overall, we are the coolest people around.       11009387_10155350023765198_6347948447465923251_n   11139366_10155382789585198_1674644615545318545_n

This is one of my favorite articles that list things that people actually say to use, like, daily. But really, Comm majors get the best jobs. *Cross your fingers* Check this out!

l 11110286_10155354688930198_6749487006428979607_n

So, we have the coolest classes, the most amazing professors [I have to write a blog post for my Capstone class!] and the greatest students. We all truly care about each other. It’s insane. One of my besties Jami, says “we just have so much love for each other.” It’s so true. You’re having problems in your love life? Don’t worry, between all of us we will figure it out by the end of the day. You don’t get something in one of your classes? Chances are there are about 6 people around you that have either taken that class or actually understand what’s going on, and they’ll explain everything to you. Need somewhere to live? Don’t fret, we got you. Whether you’re stressing about homework and papers or wanting to go out and get crazy, we’ve got you.

11156137_10155382789950198_2413908628727877643_n   11188437_10155407919910198_8798060988542795936_n

I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. Friends, I just want to thank you so so so much. I seriously love you. Like, a lot. I know I get crazy and loud, but thank you for putting up with the loudness. You guys are seriously the best. I just, can’t even. I’m gonna cry! I’m so happy I joined Lambda Pi Eta, Cinematic Visions and Golden Eagle Radio. With out you guys in my life, I could have never been this happy.

11150288_10155391433225198_3383326372651777366_n 1902844_10154618323290198_4366341106606686741_n

I just can’t believe this is ending so soon. Can we just hit pause and pretend that this isn’t ending yet? Please? No? Come onnnnnn. Please. 11156130_10155382789640198_231437696097986193_n

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

– Tony Robbins

Feelings … end of college

IMG_3243 It’s been really hard to articulate anything the past couple of weeks. It’s been a crazy ride, and here we are… my last quarter of my last year of my undergrad career in college. I’m scared.IMG_2943  I’m scared for not knowing the future. I’m scared that my plan has been changed. I’m scared of screwing up.

I’ve realized, I’m beyond happy right now. When I’m at school, I can not feel any more excited to be here. Everything about it, being excited to see everyone, being in need of wanting to see what will happen and what we will learn in class. I love being involved. I love walking throughout campus and hug and talk to people all day everyday.

I think that’s what the biggest bummer is. I’m scared and sad that this will end in June. I won’t be able to see everyone every other day, it will be every once in a blue moon. I won’t have all of our inside jokes, or any of that.IMG_3044

It feels like I finally know what college is about. It’s not about where you go to college or where you live while you’re in school. It’s about learning things that make you a better person. It’s about learning things that you are passionate about and get excited about. It’s about your heart pumping so hard because of how happy you are. It’s sitting with your friends in a circle on the floor, talking about all of our problems or worries. It’s about all of the love that we share, the common interests, and care. It’s about having 8 conversations going on at once in a room and being able to be a part of each one. Man, I’m going to miss my comm majors. There is no other major like us.

IMG_3039Honestly, I’m happy that when I look back at my time at Cal State LA, I will have no regrets.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count”

Sometimes I Jump To Conclusions

This weekend I learned so many things. If you read my previous post, you know that I had a little bit of a rage post thing going on.

Sometimes, I’m too quick to judge people. Sometimes, I don’t remember to get the full story. I’ve decided to come up with a way of not going crazy. In the moment I will count backwards from 20, because 10 isn’t enough. I will also “sleep on it” if I feel really upset about something, before doing anything about a situation.

Blogging is now becoming a way of letting out my feelings. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I felt like Saturday, I jumped to conclusions. Sometimes you have to remember that people keep things quiet because they are ashamed of themselves. They’re ashamed of decisions they’ve made, or decisions they are on the ledge about making.

Anyway, my point is: I’ll wait and see when people need me. I’ll be there when you do, but I will not let you hurt me.


School started…

Ok, so I finally started school last Thursday. Yes, Thursday. There is a reason for this apparently. It’s because we are missing a Thursday class for Thanksgiving.

Anywho… So school is pretty great. I love being a Senior. I know so many people on campus now. I’m thinking of joining a Society for Communication majors. Sooo excited. I love taking classes in my major. I’m done with all the stupid classes {they call them General Education} haha.

All my classes seem to be pretty interesting. Unfortunately I’m taking a freshman class that wasn’t offered at my Community College before I transferred here. The rest of my classes are (1) 300 classes {upper division, junior level} and (2) 400 classes {senior level}. My professors are really interesting. That’s the thing about taking classes in your own major. Your professors are super into the subject. They love talking about their subjects. They KNOW their subjects. It’s so great!

I’ve been going crazy though. I’ve been at school an average of 10 hours a day. Between work, classes, going to the gym and studying. OH YEAH. I started going to the gym! I’m already dying from being so sore.

Honestly, I know that I have a lot on my plate between reading 30+ pages a day for each class, plus studying, going to class, going to work and TRYING to have a social life and a family life.

I’ve honestly not seen my family at all. The friends that I HAVE seen are the ones I’ve seen in between running from class to work or vice-versa. So, sorry if I haven’t seen you yet. I’m sorry. Text. Call. Snap. etc (:

All in all, I’m happy. I’m really happy. I love having my whole day planned. I’m excited for this quarter.

That’s my recap for this week, even though it’s only Wednesday. xoxo ❤