I’m baaaaaaaack!

I just realized that I haven’t posted since basically the end of October of last year. I had to take a little break to be able to work on myself.

Quick update:
-my anti-depressant / anxiety pills are working.
– fam is doing great. They’ve been helping me out a lot, especially with being so understanding when I opened up to them in December and basically word – vomited everything that I was feeling.
– boyfriend is amazing, even with school, work, keeping up with his family and everything he always makes time for me, which I really appreciate.
– best friends are amazing, duh. I’ve gotten really close to my friend LeAnne; we spend a lot of time together, she’s always there for me and we have constant sleepovers. Brian, Blanca, Toto, Andi are just as amazing as always. I’ve found a lot of Disney friends from my recent trips to Disneyland, which brings me into my next point.

I realized that Disney is my special place, even if I go alone. I was able to go alone for the first time ever a couple months ago, and it was seriously the best experience ever. I’m not sure if I shared the fact that a year ago I couldn’t even go to the gas station to pump gas by myself… but now, I can go places alone, I have less anxiety about spending time alone. I’m happy. I’ve been meeting a lot of new friends at Disney and decided that I will be posting my disney photos on my other instagram account. For now the name is @PrincessEliaDisney , I’m not sure if I will change the name later but if I do I will let you know. Please go ahead and follow me there. I will write posts more often, pinky promise!

I apologize for not spending more time here, but I really had to take a break from life and recoup. I love you guys!!!

“Just keep swimming” -Dory from Finding Nemo




I’m going to be on the radio!!!

Hey everyone!

As promised last week, I will be on Golden Eagle Radio’s awesome host Marcus aka Phenex 101’s show todayyy [ Monday May 11 @ 3 p.m. & Tuesday May 12 @ 4 p.m. pacific time ]!!!

The topic is break ups! Just some insight from two of  Cal State LA’s most awesome Communication majors (; No, but really, if you’ve recently broken up, are in the process of breaking up, or thinking about breaking you, you should totally tune into this show at: goldeneagleradio.org !!!

No, I did not talk about my most recent break up. Well, I did mention it but I did not go into details. That’s private!!!

I’m really proud of both of us, this was my first time actually being on the radio, so, be nice!

I hope you guys enjoy. Please give us your feedback via Facebook or Instagram.

“With radio, the listener absorbs everything.”
– Bob Edwards