Why I always relate to Taylor Swift’s Music

Okay. This is my second time starting this post because I didn’t save a draft and accidentally clicked the back button.

First of all, I am listening to ever single song while I write this post.  I won’t post about every single song though. At first this post was going to be about why I loved Taylor’s music, and her as an artist; it turned into why I love her music, and why I relate to it.

I love Taylor’s music. I always have. I remember going to a Target or Walmart or something in Omaha, Nebraska in 2007 after a Brad Paisley concert to go buy her self titled album. I feel in love. I played that CD so much, it broke. Just joking. It cracked because I dropped it. But still!

This CD got me through a year living in Omaha, Nebraska, away from my family. I was a junior in high school. Trying to figure out boys, starting to think about college, I had no idea what was going on with my life. It feels like Taylor was just trying things out too. Just like I was.  Tim McGraw, what a bold move to name a song after a super famous singer. This song made me wish so badly that I would find someone that I could share everything with, songs, love, memories. Picture to Burn, hahaha, made me think of the first boy that broke my heart & to this day, every single terrible guy I dated. I wish so badly I could do everything she did in that music video. Tear Drops on my Guitar, reminds me of my current boyfriend, now that I re-listen to the song, I remember wishing I could go out with David even though he was my best friend. Place in this World:  “Oh I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.”  Cold as You, made me feel like she completely understood about the first guy I ever really fell hard for. It hurt. My first heartbreak hurt so badly and she got it. She wrote a song saying exactly what I felt. Tied Together With A Smile seriously makes me cry to this day. I had a lot of issues with my body and my self love. I felt like Taylor embodied everything I felt, in this song. There were times when I really felt like letting go, but this song got me through so much. It was a small part of why I started loving myself again. Should’ve Said No – OHMYGOD.  I got cheated on twice before I turned 17.  This was my freaking anthem. I used to SCREAM this song. “But do you honestly expect me to believe we could ever be the same? Was she worth it? Was she worth this?” Honestly, thanks dude(s) for this, cuz now I have someone way better.  Mary’s song, reminds me of the first guy I ever fell for. I thought he and I would end up together, because our parents were friends. Oh how things change. Now it’s just something cute that I want at some point in my life. Our song, reminds me of David. Everything about it just screams our relationship. I love having songs that remind me of him.


I was dating my first real boyfriend. Every song reminded me of him. I was so in love. This album is so optimistic and so much fun. I was starting college, loving life basically, for the most part. I moved to Los Angeles, one of the most busiest cities in the world. Taylor was growing as a person, and so was I. Welcome to Adulthood, was this song [fearless]. Love Story was my anthem, my ringtone, my favorite song. “You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess.” I seriously believed it. I thought “you were everything to me, I was begging you please don’t go.”  I believed everything was awesome and wonderful and my {now ex} would propose and we would get married young and have a wonderful life. I was never the super nerdy girl that didn’t get the guy, but I totally identified with You Belong With Me, just because I have felt like that one girl that is best friends with a guy and he just doesn’t get it, he doesn’t get I like him. So annoying.  Breath – “people are people and sometimes we change our minds” this song made me cry every single time after he and I broke up. “And I can’t breath without you, but I have to.”  Tell Me Why doesn’t remind me of a guy. It reminds me of stupid people that purposely try to hurt you, just in general.  You’re Not Sorry still reminds me of { Love Story } guy, to this day. I can’t get through this song without getting upset.  The Way I Loved You was about my first real boyfriend because I loved so hard, and then compared every guy after to the first one, I really thought it would be “Forever and Always” with that guy. The song with that name just makes me feel so powerful. Because it’s like yeah! you said that you would always be there but you’re not.  Change. Change was about to happen to me. I would go from this young adult that was super in love and oblivious to life, to someone who understood the world better. I love that it’s the last song in this album. It’s like Taylor is telling us that she’s about to change. It just worked out that we changed around the same time.

Speak Now

When this CD came out, I was transitioning as a person. From being a dumb teenager, to being an actual adult (which is when Red came out), it took a while. It’s also the time I just dated around, didn’t really have a boyfriend; all I could think about were the possibilities or what could have happened and what may happen. Mine was supposed to be what was supposed to happen between {love story} boyfriend and I, it didn’t happen. Sparks Fly made me think of this guy I once dated, he made everything so much fun but “my mind forgot to remind me, you’re a bad idea.” Back to December– “Small talk […] your guard is up and I know why.” It took me so long to stop going back to the time {love story} and I broke up, but it finally happened. This song describes perfectly how intense it was just thinking about him all the time. All the time. Speak Now, was something I really wanted to do when {Love Story} started dating someone new, “I lose myself in a daydream.” Did anyone else get really mad when John Mayer wrote the song back to her in response to her Dear John song? This song just made me think about how terrible she must of felt while writing this. Mean is one of my favorite songs. My best friend asked Go Country 105 to play this and said “the person who is being mean to my best friend, stop, or I’ll make you mad.” This song just makes me think about all the people who are just terrible, who just made me a better person. The Story of Us is about {sparks fly} guy, because my stupid friend kept inviting him to everywhere I was even after we stopped dating. It was so awkward, all the time. “This is looking like a contest about who can act like they care less.” Enchanted, “There I was again tonight, forcing laughter faking smiles, same old tired lonely place.” I met a lot of enchanting people during this time, and some helped me grow. There were so many nights that were sparkling, and it got me through this time of heart break. Better than Revenge, made me feel like Taylor understood exactly what I felt like when {Love Story} started dating someone new. It’s like she was there witnessing everything and wrote a song about it. Haunted is such an emotional song. Once again, {Love Story} guy. Listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHvys3BJmko&index=35&list=PLqR9m3F9U118PlaYHRIT-LSyUTbgV3bjM to it once and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Last Kiss is that one song that helps you finally get over the hump. The heartbreak. The sadness. “I’m not much for dancing, but for you I did.” Long Live is that song, the shout out to my friends who helped out through tough times, with feeling bad about myself, with the break up, with everything.  This song makes me want to live! It makes me happy.


Red was such a transition into a different life. I feel not only did Taylor change, but I did too. She started changing up her music, seeing how her fans felt. The thing about music is that it doesn’t stay the same, so its amazing to see an artist change. Red– “forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met.” yeah, it was hard. But I did it. (: And, I met the love of my life, I just didn’t know it yet. Treacherous– “put your lips close to mine, as long as they don’t touch” I fell in love with my best friend. Did I forget to mention, in between Speak Now and Red, I turned TWENTY TWO!!! This song is so care free and loving, it makes me feel exactly how I did when I was 22, I turned 22 when this song came out, and I know for a fact that I was feeling 22. I know I did everything I could to make my life better and happy. “It seems like one of those nights we ditched the whole scene, and end up dreaming, instead of sleeping.” Every time I did something, I did it like it was the last time I was going to live. I had so much fun this year, and accomplished so many goals. “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way.” This song made me realize how much I love my friends. How much they mean to me. We Are Never Getting Back Together – was the best song to belt out loudly and out of tune, because I knew that {Love Story} and I were really never getting back together, and I was totally okay with it! Stay Stay Stay, the whole song literally my relationship with David. He always knows what to say, he always listens and wants to resolve everything. “Before you I only dated self indulgent takers, who took out all of their problems out on me.” Holy Ground makes me smile. Just everything about it. “tonight I’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been through, but I don’t wanna dance if I’m not dancing with you.” Everything has Changed. – “All I know is you held the door, and you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours; All I know is that since yesterday, everything has changed” I knew I fell in love with my best friend, and it was for real. Begin Again.– “you throw your head back laughing like a little kid, I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny cuz he never did.” This was the year I didn’t care about the past anymore. I made up with people, took people out of my life for good. Learned to love myself no matter what. Learned to love someone else, unconditionally.


The latest of Taylor’s albums inspired me to write this post. I just couldn’t stop asking myself “what is it about Taylor that keeps me coming back?” I realized as soon as I heard Shake it Off – Shes really changed as an artist, but she doesn’t belong in a genre. Taylor is her own kind of genre. Blank Space – is the most perfect song ever. Before I watched the music video all I could think about is all that we both {tay & I } have gone through relationship wise. Yeah, “got a long list of ex lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane,” but really, I’m a really awesome girlfriend, if I love you no one will hurt you cuz I’ll hurt them. Style – just feels like one of my day dreams, and I love that she says “we never go out of style,” cuz that’s how I feel about the boyfriend. Out of the Woods is probably my favorite song in the album.


💗 Looking at it now, it all seems so simple […] you took a Polaroid of us, then discovered the rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color. And I remember thinking… Are we out of the woods yet? […] Are we in the clear yet? Good. Looking at it now last December we were built to fall apart, then fall back together. Your necklace hanging from my neck. Baby, like we stood a chance two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying. And I remember thinkin’ Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet? Good. But when the sun came up, I was lookin’ at you remember when we couldn’t take the heat I walked out and said, “I’m settin’ you free,” but the monsters turned out to be just trees and when the sun came up, you were lookin’ at me. You were lookin’ at me. I remember, oh, I remember. Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet? Good.

All You Had To Do Was Stay– “you had me in the palm of your hand […] all you had to do was stay.” Just everything about this song is awesome, but it doesn’t apply to me anymore. Bad Blood– I don’t have any idea who she wrote this about, but to me it just says like “hey, we used to be really tight and now it’s like what happened? Why aren’t we anymore? Why’d you have to go and hurt me?” which is exactly how I feel about some people who aren’t in my life anymore. Wildest Dreams. Literally feels like an old dream. How You Get The Girl – “I want you for worse or for better, I would wait for ever and ever, [ … ] and that’s how it works that’s how you get the girl.” That’ s how I wanna get proposed to. With those exact words.  I Know Places – “Baby, I know places we won’t be found, […] just grab my hand and don’t ever drop it.” I just wanna move out with David! I want to grow up and be together and be super happy and in love. Clean is the perfect end to a perfect album. It’s like purging yourself of things that you don’t need anymore.

All in all, I just feel like Taylor swift was a teenage girl transitioning into being a young woman. She literally wrote about everything I was feeling, even things I am still too afraid to admit to this day. Her writing is so filled with emotion, she sings to you like she knows what you have gone through, like she was you going through these things. It’s just amazing. Thank you Taylor, for being brave enough to say these things out loud, even when we couldn’t say it ourselves. Thank you for being such a raw artist, for not giving one care in the world what other people thought. Thank you for everything.



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